3 Days to Go: Progress so Far

Today marks 3 days until the opening of the exhibition, and the first day of installation into the gallery! The blog today is an update of our progress so far:

Condition Checking


Yesterday saw the Collections team condition check all of the pieces of art that are to be put on display. This involved inspecting every item carefully and documenting every aspect. As you can imagine, this takes great attention to detail and meticulous note taking. Above is a photo of Ruth and Stephanie checking over works – blue gloves and all! It all went smoothly, and so we can now move on to:




Today marked the first day of installation on Looking Beyond. It’s exciting to think that all of the ideas that we have discussed are finally becoming concrete! Today the curatorial and collections teams, with the help of the technical team at the Sainsbury Centre, mouted the artworks onto the gallery walls. The rest of the week will then be dedicated to mounting graphics, and labels, establishing our interactive message exchange, and positioning lighting. One step closer to opening!


We are pleased to announce some special events that we are putting on for students at the University of East Anglia! There will be a special poetry workshop for responses to our exhibition led by Andrea Holland on June 10th.  If you attend the workshop then you’ll have the chance to perform your poems at our Evening of Poetry and Spoken Word on June 17th.

The poems produced will then be published as part of the zine-making workshop that is being held on 24th June by Norwich University of the Arts illustration graduate  Zara Gardner. These zines will then be on display in the exhibition space itself for visitors to read and interactive with.

I know that’s alot of information – Check out our events page for more a break down of all of the events taking place!

(and may the 4th be with you all )


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