2 Days to Go: Which artwork sums up your day?

Only 2 days to go until the exhibition is open to view! Today we invited the team from  UEA: TV to film the next part of the installation for a exciting digital package that they are putting together for us. Watch this space for more information about it in the coming months!


Today’s blog post is a sneak peek, for all of you non-UEA readers, at the digital screens that have been circulating around the university campus. Here is one of the brilliant screens that Rose, our designer, put together


The exhibition aims to get everyone to really think about artwork in their everyday life. So, which artwork sums up your day?

For me (Helen from the marketing team) it has to be the amazing conch shell on display at the Sainsbury Centre, which originates from 300-900 AD Guatamala and is made from terracota.


It makes me feel so happy – it has such clean lines and fascinating shapes. It also reminds me of the beach which is definitely on my mind given the wonderfully sunny day we are having!

Let us know what your answer would be! @LookingBeyond16, and #LookingBeyond16










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