1 Day to Go: Message Exchange

Only 1 more day until opening, and today we want to let you know about an ongoing activity that will be running in the exhibition! The exhibition, and the source correspondence, are based on written responses to artworks, and we wanted to bring that experience to life for every visitor. Similar to the question that we asked yesterday – What artwork sums up your day? – the responses, that we are encouraging visitors to share, can take inspiration from the questions posed in the exhibition. They can also be inspired from any of the art in the Sainsbury Centre – or even the building itself! We encourage creativity, and any personal response you may feel.


We are giving each visitor the opportunity to record their thoughts on a specially designed postcard. (see above) This postcard can then be dropped into the exchange box in the centre of the space.Once you have written a response, you are then welcome to take one of the ones that someone else has already contributed. Come along and read other peoples’ responses to the exhibition, and take away a unique souvenir!

The exhibition, Looking Beyond: Conversations between John Berger and John Christie opens tomorrow at 10am, at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Check out our Visit Us page for information on how to get there.

And make sure you let us know what your thoughts are at @LookingBeyond16, or in the comments below, we look forward to hearing from you!




2 thoughts on “1 Day to Go: Message Exchange

  1. I like your idea of exchange of postcards between people having individual responses… its something new and being visual is appealing to me. I feel it in a way also extends the “Conversations” , and which I take it is the central leit-motif of this unique exhibition. Thanks for inviting me to participate and feel I have contributed in so small a way even without having viewed the exhibition, since one of the most important things I feel is the participation in something one may never fully comprehend but would like to be associated with.Thank you for giving me this unique privilege.


  2. I LOVED the postcard idea, that was so cool and original! And obviously, it fits in very nicely with the themes of conversation and dialogue, between artists and between artwork/spectator!


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