Your Responses #2

Here are some more lovely responses to the exhibition that we have collected:

yes 2.jpg

TOP: The environment at the centre allows a calmness to envelope you as you stand between the artwork. It pulls you in much deeper than the busy galleries in the town or city. Restful Reflection./ BOTTOM: Thank you for this awesome exhibition! I’ve come to the Sainsbury Centre and to the temporary exhibitions many times since I arrived at UEA (2014) but this exhibition has made me think more deeply about the relation between the spectator and the artwork, what these pieces remind me of why I like them so much…Eye-opening and thought-provoking! Thank you!


TOP: I am learning to talk to art – I feel what perhaps I perceive it to be saying but there is always a silence.Perhaps art is not talking to me and that my filters of perception are too used to the vision of words. These remnants owe nothing to me, and yet I continue to return desiring a conversation. But the response I get is from myself. Maybe I will never grasp ‘ART’ – it’s slippery consonants and dogging vowels that leap at me as I walk through a gallery. Maybe all I’m doing is learning to have better conversations with myself./ BOTTOM: As Christie states in conversation whilst walking around the Sainsbury Centre, “A place where the art works gaze back at you just as you look at them.” Enjoyable and offers inspiration.


TOP: A beautiful exhibition that not only encourages people to think about art but also art that demands people think about themselves and others./ BOTTOM: Did you know that it is more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground than be in flight? It is more likely to rust and malfunction if it isn’t used to its full potential. This is a lesson for life; never allow yourself to rust and ensure you continually reach your full potential.


TOP: My picture of the art piece ‘Glove’. BOTTOM: Hello, I hope your day is going well.

Check out the first selection of responses here. Let us know if you’ve been to the exhibition, and what you thought! Has your postcard been featured?





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