Your Responses #1

We have been receiving some wonderful, and thought provoking responses to the exhibition over the past two weeks – so we wanted to share some of them with you here:


TOP: Sketch of Mother and Child by Henry Moore/ BOTTOM: The chance to sit and write a few words for a stranger is a fine one. To take the time out and concentrate on your thoughts. I’m not use what the message should be. But seeing as the sun is shining, I’d advise you eat as much ice cream as you can. Such fun.


TOP: My animal totem would be a cat!/ BOTTOM: I last came to UEA as a 15 year old to be shown round the site as a prospective student. I didn’t like it and never applied. But I clearly remember seeing an ant nest on the grounds and being fascinated. On returning today and walking round this gallery I looked out the window to see a raven ants on the tarmac. Thirty five years is a long time for an ant.


TOP: Smile when you feel happy, but never when you’re not. Don’t be afraid to feel. BOTTOM: I like to walk around the SCVA and find all the little objects that are easy to miss. There are so many tiny metal figurines which require you to look closer to discover the specific forms of animals bodies. When they are placed around impressive, larger works it might be easy to glance past them. They remain unnoticed.

The exhibition Looking Beyond: Conversations between John Berger and John Christie is now open at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Be sure to share you’re thoughts in the message exchange too!


5 Days to Go: Walking Through the Gallery…

We are now in the last week of planning before opening – and are  looking forward to installing all of the pieces that we have chosen! Over the next 6 days, in the run up to opening on Saturday (7th May), we will be posting daily blogs to whet your appetite for  Looking Beyond. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see the exhibition on display!

Our blog post today comes from Rose – a member of our Marketing Team – about her interest in visitor behaviour:

As someone interested in why and how people visit museums and galleries, I was struck by John Christie’s unusual behaviour as a visitor in the Sainsbury Centre. Unlike the slow and steady wander performed by many gallery-goers, Christie negotiates the space with confidence in order to engage with his favourite works. As is described in Lapwing and Fox, their upcoming collaboration, he feels a initial pull from Giacometti’s Self Portrait and uses it as his own centre of gravity in the gallery. Aware of the watchful eyes in the largely figurative collection, he feels ‘surrounded by eyes’ and performs re-enactments of the artists to provoke the drawings and sculptures to return his gaze in different ways.

Giacometti Christie gesture self portraitI challenge you to look at visitor behaviour in the Sainsbury Centre, or in other galleries, and think about why they perform certain rituals and habits. What do you often do when visiting a gallery, and why?

If you have an unusual way to approach art, do get in touch as I am very curious to find out! Tweet at us @LookingBeyond16 or use #LookingBeyond16

Illustration by Rose Hughes.